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Beneficial Microbial Bacteria

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Beneficial Microbial Bacteria

One of the most important steps to take in being successful raising any livestock of any kind is the introduction of beneficial microbial bacteria into the water. We know through science & first-hand experience that most protozoa could never survive in an environment with these microbes devouring them. This is a natural process, no harmful chemicals! Our organic farm has been using beneficial bacteria since the late 90s. Used at our farm ponds to benefit our fish as well as all of our water troughs for exotic hoof stock, and even our dogs water dishes get the same bacteria we use in our aquariums & ponds. Thus providing better gut health to our livestock and potentially preventing disease naturally.

What applications are best for using Beneficial Microbial Bacteria?

Ideal for New Aquatic Projects especially old Ponds that need help.
Best Suited & Safe for all Zoological Aquatic Exhibits
Livestock & Exotic Animal Water Troughs
All Aquatic exhibits, Safe for all fish & crustaceans, Garden Ponds, Fishing Ponds, Fountains, Retention Ponds, Koi ponds, Water Gardens, Farm Ponds, Golf course Ponds, Pass-thru Ponds that irrigate turf. (your turf will grow better & be healthier)
Aquaponics & Hydroponics systems

Beneficial Microbial Bacteria
Use monthly for healthier water – Can’t have too much of a good thing. You cannot overdose beneficial microbes!
Use on new Start-up ponds/aquariums
Use on Algae Blooms
No mess. Most beneficial bacteria come in tablet form, powders, or water soluble rice pouches that dissolve as soon as they hit the water.

Benefits of using Beneficial Microbial Bacteria

Reduces pond or lake sludge buildup
Eliminates all pond odors
Improves water clarity
Reduces oxygen demand
Eliminates excess nutrients
Effective, Environmentally-friendly, Chemical Free Way to a Cleaner, Cleaner more clear water!

Quick Tips! Choose the right bacteria for your application! Here’s a couple suggestions for easy success!

All Aquariums: Use Aquagold & Bactastic monthly!

Pond Restore & Microbial Clarifier Tabs ideal for use in ALL Ponds, Lakes, & Livestock Troughs monthly!

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