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Family-owned & operated facility in Tucson, Arizona since 1987.

Our Arizona family would like to personally thank you for visiting our site. Our unique farm provides aquatic plants, for aquariums as well as Tropical, Bog, Wetland plants for ponds, surface floaters, oxygenators, grasses, lotus, lilies and more.  On the livestock end we offer a huge selection of critters we enjoy, farm, and raise ourselves. From tropical freshwater fish and saltwater/marine fish, algae eaters, freshwater shrimp, crabs, lobsters, snails, mosquito fish & tadpoles & frogs!  We sell to just about every single zoological society, botanical garden & university in the USA. We also sell to charter, private & public schools, pet stores & residential customers alike since 1987! Making the choice to shop at our site and allowing us the opportunity to ship an order to you means so much to us. We are real people, offering quality livestock, and trustworthy advice, backed with over 3 decades of experience! You can count on us! We operate with honesty, integrity, and old fashioned values. We’re pretty sure we have the BEST TROPICAL FISH for sale online and rock-solid advice you can count on! We still offer real-human one-on-one expert advice & consulting. That is very rare these days. We can absolutely help you build something Extra-ordinary & make your exhibit stand out! We have the knowledge, experience & most of all, we have the best Flora & Fauna!

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As a general rule with our farm, if you place your order online by Monday @ 10am Arizona MST, we will do our best to get your order shipped to you the very same week by Wednesday. This is pending availability & weather of course. Orders into our farm by Sunday night have a better fill rate to ship the same week by Wednesday.  There is a delicate, tedious, timeline process to efficiently & properly package live tropical fish, so we must follow a weekly schedule filled with daily deadlines that allow us to ship 100’s of orders each week reliably, providing our happy customers with healthy quality livestock! Please & thank you for the extra consideration and understanding of what is involved to get a box of live fish delivered to your door safely.  We are a trusted source, so please be on the look out for your emailed tracking number when your order ships from our farm!  Please read your emailed customer receipt for details and helpful links. You can locate most helpful links at the bottom of any page of this site.  

DOAs (dead on arrival)?

There is always the potential risk of loss from any supplier when shipping perishable items & livestock, but in the unfortunate event your order is delivered with a loss of a fish, shrimp, snail or plant, simply report your casualty to us immediately upon delivery by using our Loss Reporting Form located at the bottom of every page on this site. Qualifying orders will get store credit to use on your next purchase! Read this link for details. Thank you!

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Trusted since 1987

We are science people and advocates of 100% USDA organic farming without the use of harmful chemicals. We provide many full-service areas of help including: Professional Water Consulting for Lake & Pond Management projects, Natural Algae Control solutions, Vector/Mosquito Control solutions, Eco-friendly Environmental solutions, Wetlands Restoration projects, Zoological Habitat Design & Engineering services, Fish Stocking for Lakes, Ponds, & Aquaponics. We promote and utilize natural microbial beneficial bacteria (aquatic probiotic) as part of creating a harmonious balance within our own farm’s eco-system. Don’t even get us started on talking about Kombucha! (Google it! It’ll change your life!) We are in this business because the aquatic industry and farming is in our hearts! We LOVE to deliver happiness! We are passionate about what we do, as well as our environment and the nature within it. Responsible farming is our duty to conserve & preserve our precious Earth. Our family also raises endangered species birds like East African Crowned Cranes. We also raise Ostriches, Emus, Llamas, Alpacas, Deer, Transcaspian Urials, Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Exotic Pheasants, Waterfowl & more. All this started from involvement in 4-H back in the 8th grade here in Tucson, Arizona. My wife & I now raise our 4 children with the same farming exposure which teaches responsibility, empathy, and respect for all living things. Plus it’s a great way to raise a family! We work our butts off for you, there are no vacations for us, we are dedicated to our farm and providing the best quality livestock for our customers. Our days start early, and end late, 7 days a week and we don’t take any shortcuts! We are all from US Air Force military families, good parents which taught us useable traits to operate efficiently and with integrity. You are dealing with reliable folks here. Our goal is to help YOU succeed with your project, big or small because we are going to do it the right way! If you ever have any questions or problems you can call, text, email or fax us! We can be difficult to reach by phone sometimes, especially if we are processing orders or working at the farm away from the office. We will take care of you! Just click the CONTACT US link at the bottom of this page. We make ourselves available 7 days a week to serve you. Thank you.


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Visit our SHIPPING link below   Here, you can learn about our Shipping Schedule & collection procedures and practices that our family has perfected & streamlined for 3 decades! This link is also located at the bottom of every page on this site under “Shipping Schedule”  and will provide detailed info that will help you understand how the ordering fish & plants process all works. Once you place your order, all customer’s get an immediate emailed receipt that will have helpful links & detailed information to assist with common questions about your order’s fulfilment process. Thank you friends!