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Fertile Bird Hatching Eggs

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We have lovingly raised all kinds of birds for over 45 years here in Arizona, getting started in 4H in the late 80’s as a teen, and having bird & fish mentors as role models growing up. I’ve dealt with commercial & private zoos my whole life as a seller and designer of habitats providing flora & fauna for countless exhibits. Through the decades we’ve learned so much from the many curators & collectors that raised livestock for years themselves. Learning how others do their feeding routines, what they feed, husbandry and care techniques. With all of our own experiences and wisdom, we strive to continually improve how breeding and egg collection is done. Now as an adult, my wife & 4 children are all involved in our farm that is probably one of the most unique of it’s kind. Located outside the city limits of Tucson, our farm is a Preserve focused on the conservation & preservation of Threatened & Endangered Species.

We have some of the best weather & customized accommodations for many species of exotic birds. Similar to that of Africa, our climate weather here in the low desert is ideal for raising many species of birds and hoofstock successfully. We are an environmentally responsible family and business. Working towards being a self-sustained farm, utilizing our land to provide organic food for our livestock. We have over 50 species of birds, waterfowl, ratites & hoofstock. Some which are Threatened species or critically endangered. We sell professionally to other collectors and curators all over the USA.

We now offer our bird eggs to our customers online and everything delivered to your door. Check out all of the bird eggs we have to offer. If they show, OUT OF STOCK, please check back. If you are able to add eggs to your cart, then we are currently getting eggs from our birds and we will fill your order as quickly as possible. Like every other seller of living fertile eggs we cannot guarantee your results, there are too many variables involved. Buyer assumes all responsibility for their eggs. All sales are final. For best results we suggest using our Fastest! Shipping option at checkout. Thank you for your consideration! Happy hatching!


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