Shipping Schedule

March 11, 2020  Howdy Friends, Our farm will indeed continue to be in operation and we are shipping fish and livestock as usual! The Pet trade is considered an essential service in the USA as we supply meds, beneficial bacteria, flora & fauna.  We have been extremely busy processing orders as many customers are staying at home finding solace &  entertainment through their fish. Not only does buying toilet paper help people cope, but so are our beloved hobbies that we’ve all been to busy to work on.  This hobby can bring a family together in seconds without your phones out. Watch your stress & blood pressure go down in less than a minute in front of your aquarium or pond. It works! We have already seen a lot of price gouging going on out there and we’re not doing that! Quite the opposite. Our farm isn’t ran by “wheeler-dealers”, we’re just hard working American farmers that want to supply our beautiful livestock to everyone that finds us. So, we are offering a special coupon code that will take an additional 15% off your order to help reduce your overall costs. code: IMPROVE ends 4/30. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed and get future offers from us. here’s a link

Our farm is in a very rural part of the low desert in Arizona that is NOT and never has been open to the public ever, as we are not a retail petshop and it’s gonna remain that way. This is our family’s private wholesale farm and sanctuary, we lead a pretty secluded life out here, shopping online like yourselves for the majority of goods. We haven’t had a single vacation in over 16 years! We are dedicated and loyal to our farm. For the weeks to come, only our family that lives on the property will be caring for animals and shipping orders. As a responsible precaution to practice social distancing, employees that do not live here will be working remotely from their homes until we are more informed about Coronavirus so we can all do our part to prevent the spread. We have always practiced great care with cleanliness using real soap to wash our hands always. This isn’t anything new. It is and always has been a top priority to keep any livestock healthy. We have used beneficial microbial bacteria in all of our tanks and pools and water troughs for our livestock to combat protozoa naturally since the mid 90s. Our family will continue to be pro-active and operate this organic farm with integrity and great care as usual. The intelligent scholars & scientists of the world will come up w a cure in the hours and days to come. In the meantime, wash your hands thoroughly with soap, clean your cell phones w alcohol (let air dry for 90 seconds), be extremely smart about close contact w others. We will get through this if we are all smart in how we interact. Sending love & happiness to everyone that has supported us over the past 32 years. Stay calm. Love one another. This is a time for awakening & healing. A new world awaits us and we can make it beautiful together as a human species. Focusing more on self-sustaining, and allowing mother nature to repair itself.  You’re not here for lectures, so ENJOY your fish! We’ll ship you awesome specimens according to the schedule below! Thank you. Stay safe. 
Pete & Jamie & Family at Arizona Aquatic Nurseries
Shipping aquatic happiness from our family to yours since 1987


WAITING ON YOUR DELIVERY? This should help….


We are an aquatic family-owned farm proudly in business since 1987. We operate and manage our facilities 7 days a week only with good intent and good faith. We aren’t “wheeler-dealers”, we are just farmers that work hard to produce quality livestock. We are in the business of selling and shipping LIVE AQUATIC PLANTS AND LIVESTOCK to our customer’s door each and every week.   We ask our customers to please remember that unlike items that are packaged/shipped by robots such as clothing or electronics, it is very important to recognize that perishable commodities are hand-collected each week by our caring staff. Every single fish and specimen must be hand collected, hand bagged, and hand tied…..twice! This process takes several days and great care, thought and experience to manage timely. Collected animals are then moved to our husbandry building where they have a few days to naturally purge their intestines of waste before they embark on their journey to your door. If we skip this important step, the animals could create waste in the bag, resulting in an expired fish from it’s own ammonia poisoning.

We are a farm, not a petstore. If you need your fish immediately, or want to see your fish in person, you need to go to a pet store in person to make your purchase. If you want to trust our skilled collection and bagging process that we continually improve since 1987, then just know we will send you quality fish and trust in us! We are proud of what we bag and ship to you. We promise we will not hold your fish hostage! If there is a delay, please be patient. We will get your order to you! A place this large with a lot happening all the time can have inventory changes hourly, but we’ve been around long enough, and we know what we need to produce to keep everyone happy. If you don’t have patience, or cannot accept losses of livestock in transit, you should not order your pets through the mail and simply shop your local petstore. The majority of our customers consist of commercial contractors, zoological societies, botanical gardens, petstores and schools, they understand that there is a potential risk of loss no matter who you buy live fish & plants from.

The majority of the livestock at this farm is regularly in stock and we try to keep most everything in stock as much as possible. Mother Nature can delay things from time to time, please understand this.  We work hard every single day with no vacations. Farms can’t take them and livestock doesnt either. Please know that this is our life and any orders that we get are being handled with the utmost care, and integrity like no other! 


TRANSIT TIME:  Prior to the pandemic, most orders would ship within 7 days of our farm getting your order. We are about 14 days behind but slowly catching up here in June. Most important thing to remember is we are not shipping your order the second you finalize your order online. Please refer to the shipping schedule below. You WILL get an email from AAG Shipping Team AZ w your tracking number when your shipment is leaving the farm.

Delivery times are only approximate and not guaranteed by the USPS for perishable or live goods, however, if you choose our FASTEST! Shipping method, you will get our LIVE ARRIVAL guarantee regardless of when it is delivered!  In the unfortunate even that you have a loss: Simply report your losses within 4 hours of delivery by using our LOSS REPORTING FORM to get an in-house credit redeemable on your next order. You do not get cash back for losses. (Restrictions apply such as a party not being home to receive package and creates a multiple attempt delay w delivery, this would void our live warranty)  In the US, our shipments are about 1 to 3 days transit time from the day they leave the farm until you get your package. Our goal each week is to ship every customer’s order out as soon as possible, however, the work that goes into your order from collection to shipment day is explained here. You just cannot rush this process. Good things take time, so please know we care, we want your livestock to show up healthy and alive! We are a family-owned farm, and we only operate on the basis of Good Faith, Integrity and Old-Fashioned values. Wednesdays are our busiest SHIPPING DAY for most perishable orders.

Remember, we don’t manufacture fish or plants, so there may be a periodic wait from time to time. We of course do not control mother nature or the weather, so if there are delays, we apologize. We offer a live arrival guarantee policy for over 32 years as long as you choose our fastest ship option. PLEASE check your Spam, Trash, or Deleted files folder for your tracking number email from our Shipping Dept as our emails tend to get sent there. If no email, then please rest assured that your order is being worked on and it will likely get shipped the following week.

Our Farm Shipping Days – Covid Schedule

Due to the high volume of orders we are getting right now due to Covid-19, if you place your order by any Sunday night, your order will ship as soon as we can according to the schedule below (pending availability & weather of course). There may be an extended wait due to the sheer volume that we are asking everyone to please be patient! PLEASE DO NOT CALL, TEXT, OR EMAIL ABOUT “WHEN” YOUR ORDER IS SHIPPING! We cannot handle all of the inquiries. We are human beings, and not machines, there is quite a bit more care and timing involved in our business due to the perishable nature of things, compared to other industries. But just like massive retailers like Amazon & Costco, even they have at least a 14-day lead time for orders currently! We are able to generate only so many orders of fish per week and still have time to get some rest and care for the farm and animals. After we are done shipping orders, we still get to take care of a farm full of other animals – llamas, alpacas, ostriches, emus, deer, our chickens and we have to remember feed our own kids too. lol  Our farmy-life days are now jam packed with no days off because we still have to bag every single fish by hand, as there is no automation about it! We’ve done this for 3 decades and now we got the youngsters helping, we’re gonna get it done for you! Since we are a US family-owned farm, we are now one of the last aquatic nurseries still providing livestock for the entire pet trade where other suppliers relied solely on imported goods only, now with minimal flights overseas, folks are now resorting to buying from our farm. This is good for everyone, and we are grateful to share that we are crazy busy and streamlining our business, getting more efficient each week as we take on this rush. Since the virus, we have been at times 800% busier than our normal workload per week. and we were already busy prior to the virus!  So, PLEASE PLEASE bear with us as we will absolutely get your order shipped and you will get an email when it leaves our farm. Every single order is hand collected and bagged and process and shipped, we have all of our 4 kids helping us pack orders! Seeing our 2 youngest boys 5 & 7 yr olds helping us tape and load boxes on the truck, just so sweet! Although it’s busy, having our loved ones around us embracing the chaos has been one of the best experiences of our family’s life. Thank you for understanding, thank you for your patience, please accept our apologies for any missed communications to anyone, you WILL get an email when your order ships out:


We ship these items select days only








Orders w/ Plants only      X


Orders w/ Plants & Animals      X


Orders with Animals only     




Non-Perishable or Dry Goods Orders     X






FOR BETTER FILL RATES, PLACE YOUR ORDER EARLY! The sooner you place your order, the sooner it will ship! We collect plants each & every weekend including Sunday, it really helps us when orders are placed early. Fish orders placed to us by Thursdays have a better chance of getting shipped the following week because we have the time over the weekend to collect your livestock.
Emailed tracking numbers: Please note that you will get an email from our shipping carrier (USPS) when your order ships according to the above schedule. Please check your deleted files folder for our emailed tracking info, as our tracking emails tend to get sent there at times. We cannot print a shipping label without a valid recipient email address being provided. Some orders may be slightly delayed (usually no more than a week) due to stock not being quite ready to ship. This is a farm ran by humans that care about delivering you an awesome box of happiness. We work very hard to make sure that your order will get filled according to the above schedule, but we don’t manufacture plastic fish, plants or shrimp, they must be grown and there can be an occasional wait. Thank you everyone!

Holidays that land on our regular shipping day: Our Farm does not go on vacation ever, however, our company recognizes 4 National Holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day, & 4th of July only. If a National Holiday lands in the middle of a week, we will generally push all LIVE shipments to the following week so livestock doesn’t get stuck in the rush.
The holidays historically have shipping delays due to the excessive holiday travel which can delay shipments, so we usually skip shipping perishable items only during Thanksgiving week, Christmas week, New Years week, & 4th of July week so that your livestock will be safe from potential delays. We resume all regular scheduled shipping immediately after the holidays. Please be understanding that holiday shipping issues are not in our control. Thank you!