Howdy Friends! Our family’s farm is indeed shipping Livestock & Plants proactively! Please read our Shipping Schedule for details. Order a box of happiness Today! We’re here to take loving care of your orders! ❤️

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BEFORE YOU EMAIL, TEXT, OR CALL – In our effort to reduce timely and unnecessary phone calls, please read the below topics, your answer is likely on this page…

SHIPPING INQUIRIES – If you are wanting info about your package(s) ship/arrival date, please read our helpful SHIPPING SCHEDULE link located at the bottom of every page on our site. This may instantly resolve it!

LOSS INQUIRIES – If you had a question about, or need to report a DOA loss of livestock, you cannot call in your losses they must be done using the LOSS REPORTING FORM 

MISSING SOMETHING? If your package arrived, but is missing something, begin by looking at the packing list that is included in your box. On the bottom left hand corner of the sheet there may be a note that has the info you are looking for such as “Your order is shipping in more than 1 box….”etc. Your packing list that comes inside your shipment will also have helpful information on the back.

PHONE CALLS: Reporting losses cannot be done by phone, please instead use the LOSS REPORTING FORM.  In an effort to reduce unnecessary administration costs, and time-consuming phone calls, most common questions can be answered within our website quick links at the bottom of every page. We offer professional water consulting advice to help you succeed with your aquatic project, Pond or Aquarium. We WILL give you the time. We can help brainstorm ideas about building Habitat,  Design, Planning, & layout. We will offer rock-solid solutions to naturally create a balanced eco-system without the use of chemicals. Please fill out the Contact Us form below or email us about your project include your phone number, and we will get back to you promptly.  ALL emails & inquiry emails are answered 7 days a week, usually within a day or less. We are here for you! We don’t go on vacations, we are dedicated to our farm & livestock. We WANT to take care of our customers, so please allow us the opportunity to help you!   

COVID-19 & OUR NEW WORLD OF SHORTAGES – since the pandemic,  inflation, gas prices, and not enough people willing to work hard, it has been difficult to obtain some supplies from vendors from time to time. We are always on top of it! Shipping materials like cardboard, styrofoam, ice packs & heat pack supplies need to be ordered 8 months to a year in advance just so we have anough supplies to ship our products.  We are not alone, nearly all shippers are dealing with this issue. Most livestock items that were imported from other countries are either very difficult or impossible to bring in , or a very expensive task. Our farm is grateful to be self-sustained and supply the USA with aquatic plants, fish & livestock! In an effort to keep our farm running efficiently, we ask that you please first explore the bottom of our site for EASY QUICK Reference links. If you have a question about when your order is shipping, please refer to our Shipping Schedule link at the bottom of any page herein as a more efficient way to get fast answers. This will help us get everyone’s order’s shipped as quickly as possible, however, in our industry every single bag of fish must be handled lovingly by human hands, timed just perfectly to get in a box that gets on an airplane to your hometown. Emailed tracking numbers are sent with ALL shipments. Thank you for your consideration.  We are here to get your orders out asap, our whole entire family is here to serve you!   

Farm Email is answered DAILY:        

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