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Aquarium Plant Habitats

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Freshwater Aquarium Plant Habitats to make ordering easier for you!

Aquarium Plant Habitat Packages – Beautiful habitats designed to give you the Ultimate Instant Jungle! Need Help Putting Together An Order? This is a quick way to stock your tank if you’re feeling overwhelmed with our massive plant selection! Just pick a Region of the world based on your fish type and choose your aquarium size! We spent a long time dreaming up these sweet tank packages! The quantities are probably on the ‘perfect scale’, but also could be used in different size tank scenarios depending on your personal preference of foliage. These plants would typically be found in their native lands, which is great if you want your little fish to feel more “at home”….Many of these plant collections are very easy to grow! Buying these habitats is also cheaper than buying the plants individually! Feel free to add to your habitats as a-la-carte items for more lush beauty! Please note that sometimes we make very mild substitutions on these habitats if we are out of stock on certain items but it will certainly be pleasing! No disappointments ever! If you ever have any questions, just email call or text us.  We are here to help you!  Since 1987, our family cares.

Arizona Aquatic Gardens
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