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#1 Marginal Bog Assortment Packs – Tropical Pond Marginal Bog Plants



#1 Marginal Bog Assortment Packs – Tropical

You will be happy with our Farm’s choices.

These are Bog plants for use in wet soil or directly in the water. These plants should never be allowed to grow in soil that can “dry out” or your plants will perish. You can plant these on the shoreline in wet soil to soften edges or help w erosion control, or in pots that are submerged in water.  Marginal or Bog Plants come potted in 2″ pots that can be wedged into rocks/crevices in your bog areas, in waterfalls, etc.  Just make sure the tips of your plants are OUT of the water to allow them to continue growing upward and outward.  Some plants in this collection may be of the creeping variety that will fill in crevices and spread around rocks and such. Majority of plants in this collection are going to be upright Marginal Bog plants.

BUY MORE & SAVE! These are GROWER’S CHOICE only, based on what is in season. Winter Hardy in zones 8 and up, otherwise will be treated as an Annual in lower zones if not provided with protection from the cold.

Minimum quantity for this Assortment Pack is no less than 12.  Buy more to get more varieties!

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