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ZooMed African Mopani Large Driftwood



ZooMed African Mopani Large Driftwood

The average size of our large African Mopani Driftwood is about 12 to 15”. This is ideal for tank 20 gallons and up. While most wood initially floats and takes time to sink ours instantly sink. Over time with water change the tannins will be less obvious as the wood will start to leech out. To remove this brown coloration from your water, try using products such as Boyd’s Chemi Pure Elite or API ChemiZorb. These pouches can be placed in your filter or hidden under rocks or wood. They will pull the color out of your tank and polish your water to create clear healthy water for your fish. Using beneficial bacteria will help culture or “marinate” your wood. API Stress-Zyme Plus will do just that! Olive Nerite Snails can be used to eat off the garbage that will start to grow on the wood.

A beautiful, two-color African hardwood for aquariums or terrariums.
Mopani is a heavy 2-toned African hardwood which sinks in water

A beautiful two color African hardwood. Mopani is one of the hardest and most dense wood types available, and is suitable in just about any type of environment. A common choice for aquarium enthusiasts for the wood’s ability to sink in water, and hold up indefinitely. Suitable for enclosures ranging from aquatic to desert.

Smooth surface, textured detail, and unique mottled color adds interest and enrichment to habitats.
Use with plants to create the “naturalistic” look.
One of the hardest and densest woods available; sinks immediately in aquariums and unlike driftwood, will not rot!

All natural wood leaches tannins, which discolor water and reduce pH levels. To minimize this effect, soak wood in a separate container, and change water daily to remove excess tannins. The wood will be ready when the water color goes from dark brown to a very light.
Adding extra carbon to your aquarium filter can help remove any remaining discoloration.

Mopani Tank by David Raynham