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Lobster – Australian Blue Yabbie Freshwater Lobster



Australian Blue Yabbie Freshwater Lobster

Cherax destructor

Size: Up to 12″
pH: 6.5 – 8.3
Temp: 72-85
Origin: New Guinea

This is mild non-aggressive omnivore scavenger that WILL eat all of the left over food your fish miss, as well as detritus and other waste off the bottom of your aquarium. Although this lobster will eat dead or dying fish as well, it is just too slow to catch healthy fish. Colors can change from bright blue or camouflage to a bluish-brown to hide from predators. Males can get very bright during courting and actaully both sexes can periodically get extremely bright depending on the foods they consume. They have relatively small claws for their size. We can’t express this enough: They will rarely hunt for fish as they are generally too slow to catch them.
These lobsters are easy to keep and care for. You may supplement feed them Algae Wafers if needed.

Size at shipping: about 2+” and up

Stocking Ratio: 1 per 10 gallons, or more if you have plenty of hiding spaces.

SORRY! Absolutely no sales of this lobster species to the following states: Florida Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin. If you live in these states and you order anyway, this item will be refunded/cancelled and not shipped as part of our State compliance with Aquatic Invasive Species enforcement.

Check your local laws for restrictions on genus & species of crayfish, lobsters, or for any aquatic animal or plant in your state before ordering. AAG, Inc assumes no liability, nor are we held responsible for our customers orders or the contents of which they do with after they receive items. The property becomes the customers responsibility once shipped and final outcome of said animal(s) is solely the responsibility of the receiving party only. Use common sense when disposing of a perished aquatic animal by not flushing them down the toilet or tossing in a local waterway, but rather dispose of them in your trash.

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