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Beckford's Tropical Pencilfish



Size: Up to 1.5″
pH: 6.0 – 7.5
Temp: 70 – 84F
Origin: Guyana and lower Amazon

This is a more active yet peaceful schooling pencilfish that you should keep together with other peaceful fish such as Tetras or rasboras. Beckford’s Pencilfish are not a common fish to find in the store. The water should be bit acid and soft for best results althoug they have done well in our hard water with some acclimation, however, we do use some of the blackwater products, and some peat granules to help. The aquarium should be well planted to offer hiding places and keep stress down. Some floating plants are a good idea. Minimum order of all our Pencilfish is no less than 12.  Beckfords Pencilfish are much easier to grow than most other Pencilfish in the trade.

The Beckford’s Pencilfish is an excellent choice for a community tank. It gets its name because of the dark horizontal line going from its head to its tail, which looks like the lead from a pencil. Any tank that has these Pencilfish should have plenty of dark areas created by plants. However, make sure you leave a small space open at the top for feeding. Beckford’s Pencilfish will east small flake foods, freeze dried bloodworms & brine shrimp.

Minimum quantity for “Pencilfish Tropical Fish – Beckford’s Pencilfish” is 12.