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Beneficial Bacteria – #1 Best Seller Bactastic All-Natural Aquarium Cleaner





Bactastic All-Natural Beneficial Bacteria Aquarium Cleaner Our #1 Best Selling Beneficial Bacteria!

Boost the natural nitrification cycle

Reduces ammonia build-up!

Allows instant addition of fish

  • Limits toxic ammonia and nitrite

  • Helps prevent fish loss

  • Immediately starts aquarium cycle

  • Contains live, nitrifying bacteria

  • No refrigeration required

  • All natural

Bactastic!  The unique, patented nitrifying bacteria in BACTASTIC are scientifically proven to quickly consume ammonia and nitrite to help prevent “new tank syndrome.” Allows immediate addition of fish to a new freshwater aquaria.  Use when starting a new aquarium, adding new fish, changing water, changing filter media, after medicating , or whenever ammonia or nitrite are detected.

Beneficial microbes safely & naturally improves overall beauty and smell of all aquatic environments by utilizing an extra-strength special formulation of beneficial bacteria, Bactastic is designed to give aquarists an all-in-1 natural remedy for imbalanced water. The 8-strain blend of bacillus and rhodopseudomonas are equipped to handle nutrient overloads, ammonia and toxic gas, and other issues associated with both troublesome old aquariums as well as brand new freshly-stocked projects.

What truly makes our Gravel Cleaner different is our special formulation of bacteria uses nature, to clean nature! That means you don’t have to worry about adding chemicals, or any toxic byproducts because we’re providing what Mother Nature already took eons to design! We put all this into a bottle using these specialized bacteria to reduce ammonia, nitrate, nitrite & phosphate Naturally! Toxin free! Fish safe! And best of all: Enzyme Based!

AAG Farm Grower’s Tips: Increasing your tank’s evaporation and allowing you to add more freshwater each week is better than frequent water changes! Your fish want that and so do your plants. This is healthier and saves your beneficial microbes from being wasted from doing too many frequent water changes. You’ve got to allow the microbes to live within your biotope and do their job. This is all part of the Arizona Aquatic Gardens method and strategy we’ve used and practiced for decades. You’re another step closer to being more successful in this hobby using beneficial microbial bacteria. Never use Hot side or “blended hot” with cold when adding water to aquaria as you could potentially introduce Copper into your water which is toxic for all crustaceans and harmful to most aquatic plants. Just use the cold side or spigot from outside and use a drinking water safe hose to top off your tank.

If you are wanting to grow an organic chemical-free tank, one where you do not reach for traditonal medications the second you suspect there is a problem. You will always add your beneficial microbial bacteria each month to naturally keep your tank balanced. If you have not already seeded a healthy dose of beneficial microbes into your tank for a while, start by adding your beneficial bacteria each week for 8 weeks, then just 1 (one) time per month thereafter, ALWAYS. If you have an algae outbreak, or a suspected fish issue, increase your bacteria load. You cannot overdose with too many beneficial microbes! There are many brands of Beneficial Microbial Bacteria offered on our site. Our own Bactastic Liquid bacteria works miracles because of our specialized multi-blended strain will gobble up waste rapidly and covert to a useable fuel that is consumed by your plants.

16oz liquid bottle (473ml) Treats 960 Gallons
Apply 1 capful (5 mL) per 10 gallons (38 liters) of aquarium water. Apply product weekly, and also directly after water changes and/ or physical gravel cleanings.
Arizona Aquatic Gardens offers products that only come from Environmentally Correct Origins. Using products like these is another way to be kind to our Planet.
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