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Pleco – Black Bushynose Pleco Algae Fish L-144



The Black Bushynose (Bristlenose) Pleco Algae Fish, also known as Bristlenose Pleco , has a mouth and nose that are covered with short, whisker-like attachments. These are helpful for the fish detecting and finding food. These fish not only make a good addition to any community aquarium, but also feature a unique & dark color scheme.

As a rule of thumb, there should be 1 fish per 10 gallons of water. These fish will get along well with Angels, Discus and other Cichlids, Tetras, Barbs, Danios, Rasboras, Gouramis, Rainbowfish, Livebearers, Loaches, other Plecos, and scavenger Catfish.
Size: up to 4 inches in about 3 years.

  • Temp: 74-79F
  • pH: 7.2
  • dH 6-10
  • Origin: Rivers of Venezuela, South America
  • Small=1″ Medium 1.75-2″  Lg 2″+ but under 4″

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