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Black Longfin Bushy Nose Pleco L144A



The Black Longfin Bushy Nose Pleco, otherwise known as Ancistrus temminckii, is a smaller pleco with origins in South America. Reaching the maximum size of only about 6”, this fish is a peaceful omnivore ideal for many aquariums.  The Longfin Bushy Nose Plecostomus gets its name “Bushy Nose” from the barbels on its face which it uses to help it find food.  It has longer and more majestic fins than its normal counterpart.

Plenty of hiding places should be provided for this fish so that it can feel comfortable and reduce stress.  It will prefer to be more active at night when it feels more secure.  The bushy nose is a good eater, and isn’t finicky about what it will eat.  While it will scavenge for some food, it must also be fed a good quality algae disc or wafer in order to maintain good health and ingest protein.

Shipping size: 1 to 3″

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