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Winter Hardy Pond Marginal Bog Plant – Lobelia cardinalis or Cardinal Flower

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Lobelia cardinalis

Cardinal flower is a flat perennial herb with 1-2 inch red flowers in 1-2 foot spike of 20 or more. It grows in bogs. Cardinal flower has nice cut flowers. It is a hummingbird flower. Useful in the background of a wet garden, use in seeps for show, doesn’t care much whether it is in sun or shade.

The customers that wander in not knowing what a native or drought tolerant have to be dragged away from these plants. The British say it is only half hardy. We’ve yet to freeze it out. This plant will be a little chlorotic unless it is in very fertile soil or has lots of water.

Minimum quantity for “Cardinal Flower or Lobelia cardinalis Bog Plant” is 3

Arizona Aquatic Gardens
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