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Tetra Fish - Diamond Tropical Tetra



  • Size: 2.5″
  •     max pH: 5.0 – 7.5 (6.7 ideal)
  •     dH: 4 – 18 (7ideal)
  •     Temp: 78 – 82F
  •     Origin: Western Africa, Zaire Congo River
  •     Additives: Black Water Expert found at Aquarium Chemicals
  •     Food: New Life Spectrum “Community Fish or Surface Feeder Formula” found at Fish Foods

Can be kept in hard, slightly alkaline water. Prefers tanks that have zones with tempered light, a dark soil, and some planted regions in the back, in between which the fish will swim and rest. Mostly the fish will inhabit the free swimming space in the middle of the tank, and the males will frequently display towards each other, and can be kept with other fish that have similar requirements, although the tank shouldn’t be overcrowded. If fully grown and kept under the right circumstances the fish can be stunning! Feeding: Omnivorous, all food is taken. Live insects are a special treat for the fish.

Breeding: If a suitable pair is placed in a small breeding tank with little light, soft acidic water, and a substrate (plants) spawning will take place. The parents should be removed or else they will eat the eggs. At a temperature of 26c degrees the eggs will hatch after 1-1.5 days, and be free swimming after another 3-4 days. Moenkhausia pittieri fry are small, and can only be fed with infusoria in the first week. If fed well, and combined with frequent water changes, the fry can grow quite fast.

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