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Dwarf African Frog for Aquariums Hymenochirus curtipes



Dwarf African Frog

Temp: 72-82° F
KH 5-8
pH 6.8-8.2
Max. Size: 2″
Native to: Hong Kong

The Dwarf African Frog is a fun miniature amphibian that is a simple to raise for all hobbyists! It is a true aquatic species animal. The Dwarf African Frog makes a unique addition to the peaceful freshwater community aquarium. It can become prey if kept with larger fish so not a good idea to keep these little fellas with bigger carnivores. It is slow in its movement and feeding behavior. It is not uncommon for faster, more agile fish to consume all the food intended for the Dwarf African Frog but offering your fish their food first, then following with another small pinch of freeze dried bloodworms, brine shrimp, or other type of food is a better way to feed your frogs. In addition, floating plants like Hornwort and Frogbit will be great for your frogs to hide in as well as a place for you to drop your food near where fish may not be so smart to find.

You can slightly lower the water level below the aquarium rim for added protection against escape if you’re worried, but a happy dwarf frog will stay put, aquariums that are too hot above 85 or so, they will think you are cooking them, and they will not want to stay in there. The Dwarf African Frog is mainly active at night, so it will enjoy fixtures that have lights with a moonlight option. The Dwarf African Frog is social in nature and will appreciate the company of many other Dwarf African Frogs. A small group consisting of at least 3 to 6 Dwarf African Frogs creates a lively and entertaining setup. They are cheap little fellas, so don’t hold back when ordering, enjoy!

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