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Eared Water Moss or Salvinia minima Floating Surface Plant



Eared Water Moss or Salvinia minima Floating Surface Plant

Sold in 1 Pound Portions

pictured: Small Blue Heron perched over pond with aquatic plants &  Salvinia.


Eared Water Moss, also known as Salvinia minima, includes about 10 different species of small floating, aquatic ferns. The leaves spread horizontally on the surface of the water, equipped with beautiful, finger-like branches on each tip. This detail is what allows the plant to remain floating and prevent submerging. As an easy plant to maintain in your aquatic garden, it requires little upkeep of simply light and water. They are available for purchase in a 1 lb. bag. Salvinia is also used as a food source for many species of fish, as well as a nutritional supplement for many farm animals including poultry. Salvinia will help block harmful UV in any waterway, while adding protection for smaller fish as a natural floating refuge! Zoological horticulturists love this plant for habitat builders!