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Acara - Electric Blue Acara Freshwater Fish



Electric Blue Acara Freshwater Fish

Aequidens pulcher “electric blue”
syn: Andinoacara pulcher (debate-able)

Max Size: 5″ – 6″
Temp: 74 to 85
pH: 5.9 8.0

This is not the regular form of the Blue Acara.  This is one of the most beautiful brightly colored cichlids of the South American Cichlid family known as the Electric Blue Acara. Offering a mighty electric blue to mild blue-green coloring, there is no doubt that this fish will make any South American biotope aquarium pop with this magnificent color. The male Electric Blue Acara will have more elongated dorsal and anal fins than a female will.

The Electric Blue Acara Cichlid is a peaceful freshwater fish even with its own kind. They are best kept in colonys of 6 or more and will eventually form pairs to breed. They will also usually not bother any fish that stays away from its territory except when it is breeding, it may tend to become more aggressive like most fish protecting their young. They will breed regularly if the fry are removed shortly after hatching. Electric Blue Acara are excellent parents and will not harm the fry even if left in the aquarium. These are a very hardy fish and can be raised by the novice hobbyist, These are very attractive to fishkeepers because the Electric Blue Acara can be housed in the same tank with smaller tetras, danios, barbs or algae eaters without any issues of incompatibility. Breeders in the Far East are reluctant to describe breeding secrets, but we know this is one awesome fish and thoroghly enjoyable to own in a community tank!

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Watch an informativevideo of the Electric Blue Acara here


Blue Acara photo credit John Cary

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