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Freshwater Shrimp – Orange-Eye Blue Tiger Bee Shrimp


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pH: 6.5-7.5
GH/KH: gH 4-10
kH 3-5
Temp: 64 – 74°F ideal

This is an omnivorous shrimp that will happily eat most algae, flake foods, algae wafers and more. Orange Eye Blye Tiger Bee Shrimp breeding of these shrimp is fairly easy by the aquarist as long as you make sure water quality is great! Over filtering your water with a higher rated GPH water filter will help you. These shrimp will carry about 15 to 20 eggs for around 30 days before hatching. The young babies will be a mix of blue and tan colored shrimp (some people call the tan shrimp “blonde”. The darker the blue, the more desirable for many collectors but they all look cool. Many younger shrimp will not have the brighter eyes until they’ve matured, so be patient. Vibrantly colored shrimp can be achieved through the use of natural color-enhancing foods such as NLS Ultra Red.

Add some of these to your collection of exotic freshwater species and enjoy!Order yours today or give us a call if you have any questions!

This is an import, no less than 25 sold in 1 order.  For the serious collector or re-seller only

Minimum quantity for “Freshwater Shrimp – Orange-Eye Blue Tiger Bee Shrimp Caridina cf. cantonensis ‘Blue Tiger Bee'” is 25.

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