Geophagus – Winemilleri Stripetail Cichlid

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Max Size:  6″

Temp:  76-84° F
pH 5.5-6.5
KH 2-7

The Geophagus sp. winemilleri is a beautiful & relatively peaceful species that is considered another rare gem in the aquarium hobby of Geophagus cichlids.  They will add vibrant coloration and beauty to any aquarium as this fish becomes more mature, it’s colors will become breathtaking.

Geophagus sp. winemilleri is found in the Amazon River.  Like all Geophagus, they will continuously sift through sand in search of food and burrow through substrates. They may nibble slightly on some live plants, but plants that are attached to driftwood like Anubias are recommended.

Geophagus prefer warm, softer, slightly acidic, clean water as well as areas of low or subdued lighting where they can sift around for food.

Geophagus prefer to live in large groups and are relatively peaceful Cichlids that have been successful in a community environment, but are more commonly kept in species or biotope-specific aquariums (or housed with other Cichlids). Tank mates should be considered carefully and should be comparable in size or other Geophagus species or fish native to the Amazon.


Reg size will be at least 9 to 12 month old fish typically

Large sizes at the very least 18 to 24 month old fish

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