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GloFish® GloShark Freshwater Aquarium Fish Choose Assorted Colors

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The GloFish GloShark is another new selective breeding development for Glofish! The genes of the GloShark come from anemones, corals, and jellyfish. Their unique illuminescence gives a permanent neon hue that is safer for the fish compared to dyeing or color injections. Their coloration will even be passed on to their offspring. The original electric green GloShark are bright neon yellow-green. more colors continue to be produced.

The ancestry of the GloShark is a hidden secret kept by the breeders but with research we have found that they are closely related to the White Skirt Tetra. They generally need a group of at least 3 others to be comfortable in their aquarium. Once reaching a size larger than the other tetras, then tankmates can be chosen. If housed with fish too small for the aquarium, the smaller fish may be chased or nipped at. GloShark have an omnivore diet, similar to GloFish, and can be fed once a day with flake and pellet food for best results and a healthy immune system. The GloShark are perfect as a beginner fish as they are very low maintenance.

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