Danio – Gold Ring Danio

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Temp: 68-77° F / 20-25° C
KH 8-12
pH 6.5-7.5
Max. Size: 1.5in
Native to: Myanmar, India, Sumatra, Thailand

This Gold Ring Danio is a real catch- they are not easy to find for the every day hobbyist, and there may be periodic waits on this species from time to time depending on season. Gold Ring Danios are very easy to keep in home aquaria and are more mellow than their own Danio counterparts. They will eat just about anything you offer them, so feeding will be a breeze. They are surface feeders so make sure that they have plenty of space to feed! They would live well with other fish species of same size or smaller! Thank you for your business, well worth the wait!

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