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Catfish - Hoplo Armored Catfish


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Catfish – Hoplo Armored Catfish

Armored Catfish, Dwarf Armored Cat, Flathead Cat, Hoplosternum thoracatum, Marbled Hoplo

A versatile Aquarium or pond Catfish thay may grow to 6” indoors in 4 years, or 9” max outdoors in a pond. They are shipped at about 2”. The Hoplo Catfish, also known as Armored Catfish, is a peaceful community fish that will exist well with most other fish. Originally from South America, these fish are used to warm weather, so they will thrive best in 65 – 85 degree temperatures. These fish boast a spotted pattern, which helps them camouflage in with tanks bottoms that are multi-colored. They will also eat basically anything, so whatever you are feeding the other fish in the tank will work well for them.

  • 6” indoors in 4 years
  • 9” max outdoors in a pond.
  • Shipped at about 2”+

These catfish are becoming harder and harder to find. Availability is limited as a seasonal item. Always sells out quickly. Remember, If an item shows available to add to our cart, they are in stock!   thank you!