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Pleco – Leopard Pleco L006


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Brown Dot Peckoltia, Chaetostomus oligospilus, Peckoltia Oligospila L006

Native to: Rios Tocantins, Brazil, lower Amazon
Max size: about 4″ (3.9″) 90 – 100 mm
Tempe: 79 – 86 °F
pH: 5.5 – 7.5
Hardness: 36 – 268 ppm

This Pleco is not difficult to maintain under the correct conditions. We strongly recommend keeping it in a tank designed to simulate a flowing stream with a substrate of variably-sized rocks that might include sand, fine gravel, and some river stones. Your tank should be further furnished with driftwood branches, terracotta pots, etc, arranged to form a network of nooks, crannies, and shady spots, thus providing broken lines of sight.

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