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Winter Hardy Pond Marginal Bog Plant – Aquatic Obedient Flower or False Dragonhead Physostegia leptophylla

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Correll’s False Dragon’s head is a rare but wonderful, seemingly more refined garden species that is as vigorous as it is beautiful. The dense spikes of purplish-pink, tubular, often speckled, flowers are held atop sturdy, 3′ high stems in summer. Like most other Physostegias, Correll’s False Dragon’s Head does spread by large rhizomes even in average soils. The leaves of this species are toothed, widest in the middle, sessile, and are almost always a rich dark green.

Minimum quantity for “Obedient Flower or False Dragonhead or Physostegia leptophylla Bog Plant” is 6.

Arizona Aquatic Gardens
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