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Peacock Bass Cichlid

Cichla ocellaris

syn: peacock bass
peacock bass for sale
peacock bass amazon

The Peacock Bass Cichlid is a semi-aggressive fish that features a very popular stately body stature. It’s beautiful coloration consists of velvety copper and silver, and it features a variety of other unique features throughout its body. As a mature adult, a nuchal hump forms on males. The Peacock Bass will readily accept pellet foods, worms, or small feeder fish.

  • Max Size: 6 up to 12”
  • Diet: Carnivore
  • Ease of Care: Easy
  • Native to: South America

We only ship Peacock Bass as a small size about 2″ maybe more. The color begins to develop at about 18 months old. Best to stock these fish in groups to create a harmonious colony which will make a happier healthier fish. Not recommended to stock singles or solitary peacock bass.

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