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Pleco – Papa Lyretail Pleco L090


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Papa Lyretail Pleco L090
Papa Panaque L090- Panaque bathyphilus

The Lyretail panaque is a well known pleco fish that is hardy, peaceful and excellent at eating algae. It will outgrow most aquariums, growing to over 12”, regardless of tank size.

  • Temp: 74-79F
  • pH: 6.5-7.5 kH 6-10
  • Origin: Rivers of Venezuela, South America
  • Food: Some Green Hair or Filamentous Algae, Algae on Glass, Plants and Rocks. Supplement with algae wafers avoid flake foods.
  • Variations in skin, depending on foods used.

Color enhancing foods will brighten skin. New Life Spectrum Food Ultra Red will naturally color out your fish quickly!

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