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Rocket Gar Hujeta Aquarium Fish



Ctenolucius hujeta

Rocket Gars can grow very large and should only be kept in a large aquarium with ample filtration that can handle their adult size. While in the wild they can reach almost 3 feet in length, however, captive individuals usually do not reach this size. They feed mainly in the upper levels of the aquarium and can be fed slow-sinking or floating foods. Live feeders like guppies or shrimp may be needed at first to trigger a feeding response, but they can usually be weaned onto prepared or frozen foods in time. Barracuda-like, freshwater fish native to Central and South America, the Rocket Gar’s body is long and thin with the fins set almost at the tail. They should not be kept with small fish as they may become food to a hungry gar.

Arizona Aquatic Gardens
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