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Osteoglossum bicirrhosumn

Adults pictured

We have several varieties of Arowana to choose from and several sizes.

Silver Arowana

Colored Blueberry Arowana

Colored Strawberry Arowana

& other Arowana species from time to time.  select from the dropdown.

While relatively unfussy fish, the Silver Arowana will appreciate some surface cover in the form of floating plants or branches. Does best if there is a high proportion of dissolved oxygen and moderate degree of water movement, so, external filters, powerheads, airstones, and the like are a good idea. Consider having an aquarium with a tightly-fitting cover as they are prodigious jumpers! They will prefer a tank that is at least 125-gallons or more with a fine gravel bottom, and heavily planted with suitable aquatic plants native to its region(see below). Softer, blackwater with lots of open space above for swimming is ideal. Water Temperature 75 – 85F / pH: 5.0 – 7.5 / Hardness 36 – 268 ppm. Carnivore that will eat other smaller fish it can fit into his mouth. Freeze-dried ocean plankton, krill, bloodworms and pellet foods are recommended. Pacu, Knifefish, Plecostomus, Catfish, and Bichirs may make good companions for the Silver Arowana.

The Silver Arowana is native to the Amazon basin in Brazil, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador, plus the Rupununi and Oyapock systems in Guyana and French Guiana. In nature they prefer to inhabit slow-moving to still tributaries, backwaters and lagoons during the natural dry season, and eventually moves into areas of flooded forest during periods of inundation. As mentioned this fish is mainly a surface dweller, preying on smaller fish and terrestrial insects in its habitat. It is famed for its ability to leap high out of the water to catch bugs (see notation above for lid).

Arowanas are among a group of animals known as band fishes. It is considered a true bony fish, and is not legal to ship to all states. You are responsible to check your local laws before ordering this fish because once you place your order, and we do the work to collect and care for your animals before it ships, and we find out it is not legal to send to you, we will charge you a 50% restock fee and the fish goes back to our farm. We do not and will not bend any legal rules over a fish, not worth it for anyone and there are reasons why the US Fish & Wildlife among other govt entities have these restrictions.

After breeding, only the male is responsible for carrying the large eggs in his mouth where they will mature over the next 50 to 60 days! That’s truly a long time, considering many other fish only need a couple days for eggs to hatch. We do not take babies from parents as do most other suppliers. Our company waits until they are of a decent age and industry recognized as “medium size” before shipment for the health of our farm-raised fish. Select drop down for our size choice. Sizes are approximate always please understand this depends on time of year and age of fish, but everything we do here is done with good intent.

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Small Silver Arowana 2-3", Medium Silver Arownana 4-5"+, Med-Large Silver Arownana 6"+, Silver Blueberry Arowana 4-6", Silver Strawberry Arowana 4-6", Leichardti Arowana, Black Arowana 4-6"

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