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Taiwan Reef Cichlid



Protomelas “steveni taiwan” Taiwan Reef

Size: up to 6″
Temp: 78oF
Origin: Lake Malawi

The “Steveni Taiwan” is found in Lake Malawi along the Taiwan Reef. This fish is only located in a few locations within the lake although, the reasons why are not known. They feed on the bio-cover from the rocks & zooplankton in the water column. The appearance of this species of fish is striking! The male has a solid blue face as the blue trails up the top region and on down its dorsal fin. The dorsal fin is also marked with a solid white blaze that starts at the tip of the nose and goes to the end tip of the dorsal fin. The pectoral Fins are usually a dull brown but the Pelvic fins become a rich orange-copper color trimmed in blue while its flanks are a deeper orange with blue starting at its dorsal fins. The anal fin is blue and white at its base, but will transition into a red that is more brilliant than most reds! The females are metallic silver with six lateral lines & two broken horizontal lines that make them appear to have the letter “H” imprinted on them. Other than that, they would be considered to be as drab as any Rift Lake cichlid female.

Taiwan Reef Cichlids should be kept in a group of at least 8-12 individuals with a minimum of 45 gallons or bigger. Use lots of rocks, and offer turbulent water.

A male usually does not show full color until 2 years of age.

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