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Tanganyikan Masked Julie Cichlid


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Temp: 72-82° F
KH 10-20
pH 7.8 – 9.0
Max. Size: 3″

The Julidochromis transcriptus is a tank-raised species which originates from rocky shorelines of Lake Tanganyika in Africa. They are an easy to care for, omnivore cichlid that does best in larger groups of at least 6 or more. They have an appealing elongated body with white & black spots and stripes. They have striking yellow pectoral fins outlined in both black and a semitransparent electric blue color.

Julido Cichlids are relatively easy to breed. It is best to incorporate 6 or 8 of this species in the aquarium to allow them to pair off. They will begin to pair after they’ve reached 1 yr old. They are a cave spawning species, and will disappear for a few days in which time they lay their eggs upon the side or ceiling of the cave but known as substrate spawners.

The Julido is ideally kept in a 20-gallon or larger aquarium decorated with plenty of rocks to provide adequate hiding places. They prefer hard water and a pH of 8.0 to 9.0 is perfect.

The Julido Cichlid should be given a diet containing mostly veggie-based foods supplemented w meaty type foods. This is an ideal algae eating cichlid because of their eating habits great for filamentous and diatomaceous algaes. Purchase a school of these fish for an outstanding dramatic effect.