Beneficial Bacteria – Tetra Start Zyme Tabs – Complete Water Conditioner

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Tetra StartZyme Tabs – 8 tabs

•Ensures tap water is safe immediately
•Removes chlorine, chloramines & other heavy metals
•Stimulates a fish’s protective slime coat
•Complete water conditioner with added beneficial bacteria

Tetra – StartZyme Tabs 8 Tablets / Complete Water Conditioner with Beneficial Bacteria Tetra Fizz Tabs are fast dissolving, premeasured tablets that make caring for an aquarium faster, easier and more convenient Neutralizes chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals Contains beneficial bacteria and enzymes to establish the biological cycle.

Add 1 tablet to each 10 Gallons of Aquarium Water 1 package of 8 tabs treats 80 gallons of water.

Use at new tank setup, regular water changes, when adding new fish, or after treating fish tank with medications.

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