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Uaru Cichlid



Uaru amphiacanthoides, Uaru fernandezyepezi, Uaru Triangle Cichlid, Waroo Cichlid

The Uaru Cichlid is best known for its triangle shape, incredible intelligence & it’s impressive spawning colors. The Uaru Cichlid Uaru has one of the most unique body shapes and coloring in the cichlid family! Its common adult coloring is a silver-gray color with a single large dark almost tear-shaped spot in the middle of the body, with another at the base of the tail. The juvenile Uaru cichlid is similar in color but will have a white speckling over most of their body and a gold fringe edging their tear drop. These special characteristics will disappear as the fish grows mature, and disappearing altogether by the time they are about 4″.

The Uaru is a moderately large fish and could reach about 10″ in a large aquarium but commonly about 5″ in most 60 gsallon aquariums. They can be somewhat difficult to care for as they do need a larger tank with good water quality so make sure you have a decent filtration setup. Subdued lighting is a plus, and a planted tank that they can seek refuge to as they will not stress out in this environment. Floating plants will help diffuse the lighting. Keep the water’s nitrate levels low. Provide plenty of rocks with caves and hiding places so they can seek refuge and spawn on the rocks.

This is an intelligent cichlid that make a great pet and are often compared to Discus, or called “the poor man’s discus” along with Severums. Like Discus, Uaru can be a challenging species to maintain or breed but one of the main attractions of Uaru cichlids is when it is spawning it becomes imposing, and the tear drop becomes large and black with just a bit of brown or gray around the edges, and the eyes will light up like lanterns becoming bright orange-red. They will come to know and respond to their owners. Many people report that this fish is one of the most intelligent aquarium fish out there.

Compatible fish species are Heros (Severums), Jack Dempsey, Green Terrors, Convicts, Oscars, and Geophagus. Feeding veggies is a must, Uarus love veggies!

For best results keep Uaru in communities of more than 3 or more fish

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