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Whiskey Barrel or Small Patio Water Garden Package



Get started with a quick, do-it-yourself water garden by ordering one of our Whiskey Barrel or Small Patio Water Garden Package. All you need for this is an inexpensive foam pot from your local hardware store that does not have the bottom drilled out.  Simply add the plants from this package, as well as some water, and you’ll quickly be on your way to having your own small patio water garden. Even simpler, there is no need to oxygenate the water because the plants included do that for you. If you would like, you could also add small guppies or goldfish to the pond as well. The only true maintenance this will require is the addition of water when needed due to evaporation. The fish will feed off of the plants and bugs, the plants will produce oxygen, and you will have a trouble free water garden for years.


This package includes the following:


1 Dwarf Lily

1 Dwarf Papyrus

1 Panda Leaf Bamboo

1 Flowering Iris

3 Hornwort

2 Parrot’s Feather

5 Olive Algae


Please note that the picture of our small water garden is an example only. The actual package you get will include several beautiful upright marginal. This will add taller plants to your garden, creating a nicer contrast.