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Winter Hardy Pond Marginal Bog Plant – Yerba Mansa or Anemopsis Californica



Try growing Yerba Mansa in your aquarium’s Hang-on-Back Filter, Refugium or in your Water Garden Pond and GROW your own MEDICINE! The FDA hasn’t evaluated any statements about natural medicine that goes back over 2000 years from the Chinese. Why is that? Well, likely because our federal govt doesnt want Americans to use natural cures because they would lose patients, and the Big Pharma kickbacks that they get for promoting their dangerous pills! Learn about Yerba mansa and see if this is right for you.  Feeling melancholy? or just having a bad day? Grab a yerba mansa leaf, chew it up and swallow it.  Allow the natural medicine to calm your nerves naturally. This is the Yin part of the medicine. The Root of the plant is the Yang. So if you are having an upset stomach, you will simply eat a part of the root, just a small piece.  Google it.  If people in the Far East have been using for over 2000 years for natural cures, it might be good to educate yourself about it and IMPROVE YOUR LIFE!

Yerba Mansa grows in alkaline wetlands of Arizona, California & New Mexico.  Its family, the Saururaceae, has only one other member Saururus cernuus or “Lizard’s Tail” which grows in the Eastern and Midwestern wetlands of the United States.  So, if you want to find this plant a riparian area or a cienega would be the best place to look.  Anemopsis californica produces long runners bearing new leaves and roots.  A single plant can quickly spread to form a fragrant, leafy carpet.

Yerba Mansa is used for slowly healing boggy conditions of the mouth, intestinal and urinary tracts, and lungs. It is astringent to the connective tissues that form the membrane structure, but it stimulates better fluid transport, helping to remove the exudates that prevent repair of the irritation that began the whole mess.
Acute early stages of herpes, topically. Extract, Tea, or diluted essential oil.
Subacute head cold with thick mucus. Extract or Tea
Acute pharyngitis, returning after almost healing.
Chronic pharyngitis with pale, relaxed mucosa.
Chronic or subacute rhinitis.
Acute sinusitis with ulcerations (as a nasal spray). (Tea or Floral Water)
Chronic sinusitis with inflammation, catarrh, stuffy heat.
Chronic sinusitis with edematous turbinates, relaxed and purplish; or with
thick ropy mucous, frontal headache.
Chronic tonsillitis with ulcers (also as a gargle).
Intrinsic humid asthma with moist cough.
Chronic bronchitis with profuse secretions.
Acute cough, moist, persistent.
Acute cystitis/urethritis with mucus in urine; or with inflamed urethral
Chronic anorexia with colon, rectal catarrh.
Chronic colic with catarrh.
Recuperating from diarrhea.
H Pylori, Acute, subacute, bacterial infection, Leaf Tea
Dysentery, for concurrent mouth sores.
Acute gastritis with catarrh.
Acute gastritis, recuperation.
Gastroenteritis with mucus hypersecretions.
Gastroenteritis, recuperation.
Hemorrhoids, painful, extruding.
Hemorrhoids, painful, extruding, with constant throbbing pain (internal and
Nausea after eating.
Shigellosis, recuperative period.
Gastric or duodenal ulcers, slow healing.
Subacute or chronic ulcers with vomiting or spitting of ropy mucus.
Vomiting, in general.
Abscess, acute, local (topically).
Fissures, general orificial (external).
Rectal fissures (sitz bath).
Anal fissures (sitz bath: 8 fl oz strong decoction in bath at a time).
Skin ulcers, in general (external).
Topical in arthritis.
As a bath for arthritis.
Arthritis, diuretic.
Anti-inflammatory in arthritis.
Muscular pain, in general.
Leukorrhea, supportive to local itching and pain.
Acute prostatitis, with discharge and inflammation.
Acute vaginitis (sitz bath).
Subacute vaginitis, or with Bartholin gland cysts (as sitz baths).
Subacute vulvitis (as a sitz bath).
Infant teething, with cold sores or stomatitis (rubbed on gums).
Nutritional malabsorption in poor absorption in ileum of bile acids, fat
soluble vitamins, intrinsic factor or B12.
Lyme Disease, adjunct therapy, for chronic inflammation, fluid drainage,
joint pain, digestive stagnation, specific antibacterial for Borrelia
burgdorferi, and other Borrelia species.
Cervical and Uterine Cancer, a steam distilled essential oil of the roots, in
salve, and oil. Also drinking the tea or using the fresh root extract
(See National Institute of Health Report,
Phytochemistry, Feb 2008: 69(4): 919-927)
Dry root powder is used to cover wounds, and has been used as a root powder paste and applied to skin cancers! Okay, this is am amazing plant, that could change our world in place of harmful medicines that Big Pharma is cashing in on. Grow your own medicine in your backyard!