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#1 Aquatic Iris Assorted Variety “Grower’s choice”



#1 Aquatic Iris Assortment Variety “Grower’s choice”

This gives you a break on price and decision making.  We grow Iris year round in Southern Arizona Zone 8b here in Tucson.  Hotter temps in Arizona are great for these Iris so places like Yuma, Phoenix, Anthem, Maricopa, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Mesa can grow this plant year ropund as well getting often 2 heavy blooming seasons of flowers, Once in Spring and again in late fall.  The Iris will likely stay evergreen in States like Arizona, Most of California. If you live where you may get a little snow that lasts a couple days, these Iris are going to stay GREEN. Tropical regions you know where you live and your temps, but this is a LOVELY plant for any landscape.  You cant go wrong with it planted along shorelines, in banks, shallows of ponds, edles of fountains.

Aquatic Iris don’t require a period of cold to produce blossoms, making them perfect for areas with mild winters. Will help with erosion control issues with beauty, and they are also extremely drought tolerant. Irises are not actually bulbs, but rhizomes, a kind of thick brown root. Hardy in zones 3-10, the rhizomes need plenty of sun to bloom well and regularly.

Japanese Iris are winter hardy in zones 3-9
Louisiana iris are hardy in zones 6-9
When it gets cold, these Iris will go to sleep and die back, but their roots will not die. Ween the water warms up, the plant will push out new growth from it rhizome (root) and new leaves will emrge. It will do this annually in these colder zones. That’s what the hardiness basically interprets in simplest terms. Minimum quantity for this Aquatic Iris Variety Packs is no less than 12 plants.

These are Growe’rs Choice only. Please no variety requests. We will pick ’em, so you don’t have to worry about it. It will be a fun surprise. Everything we do is awesome here, so no way you’re gonna be disappointed! Since 1987 we’ve supplied some of the best quality plants for amazing projects all over the USA.

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