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500 Gallons Clear Pond Package

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The 500 Gallons Clear Pond Package put together exclusively by Arizona Aquatic Gardens, was made specifically to help get your 500-gallon pond clear of algae without the use of algaecides. These packages are very easy to install, and most of the species included are simple “drop in” plants.


This package includes the following:

20 Four-leaf clovers

24 Parrot’s Feather

6 Iris, Assorted

6 Umbrella Palm

12 Creeping Jenny

12 Anacharis

12 Green Foxtail

12 Purple Cabomba

12 Narrow-leaf Ludwigia

12 Giant Hygrophila

12 Aquatic Mint

6 Frogbit.


Please note that in the event that we are out of any of the plants listed above, we will make substitutions.