African Heterotilapia buttikoferi Cichlid

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aka: Buttikoferi, Ttilapia Cichlid, Zebra Tilapia

Scientific name: Heterotilapia buttikoferi
Higher classification: Tilapia

The African Buttikoferi BumbleBee Cichlids have striped like bees but of course don’t pollinate flowers. They do live up to their insect name due to their love of plants. Either as refuge or food, plants will ensure a lovely environment that these fish prefer.  Anubias & Vals planted throughout rocks and caves are the ideal environment for these Butikoferi BumbleBees.

A larger aquarium is needed since they can grow up to 15″! To keep these fish at their healthiest, ensure their aquarium has the following:

  • pH: 7.8-8.5
  • KH: 10-15°
  • Temp: 72-82° F
  • Chemicals: Liquid Cichlid Chemistry (Found at Cichlid Chemistry)
  • Food: New Life Spectrum “Cichlid Formula” (Found at Fish Foods)
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