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Frontosa Cichlid – Tanganyikan African Frontosa Mpimbwe Blue Frontosa Cichlid


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Paratilapia frontosa, Cyphotilapia frontosa
Other blue forms of C. frontosa come from Zaire, Samazi, Zambia and Kipili. Each of these fish sport different color schemes. For example, the Zaire strain has more intense blue coloration on the fins and head than the Mpimbwe. The Zaire and Mpimbwe C. frontosa both have very dark bars with light blue stripes.

Most C. frontosa have more contrast between the stripes. The Samazi C. frontosa have a powder-blue coloration on the fins and body with intense white stripes and light black bars. All blue C. frontosa have five “bars” or stripes. Typically they have a bar through the eye but, blue C. frontosa have a black “hood” that covers the entire face from the eyes to the tip of the mouth. The term “Black Face” or “Black Cap” is sometimes used to describe blue C. frontosa.

Additional strains of Cyphotilapia are present at Kavalla, Kasanga, and Tanzania. Tanzanian C. frontosa have seven thin bars including one through the eyes. The stripes are closer together and thinner than all other C. frontosa. All forms of Cyphotilapia are immediate mouth brooders and do best in colonies. At this time C. frontosa are the only fishes defined in the Cyphotilapia genus. Lots to learn and still discover!

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