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African Tiger Aquarium fish


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Hydrocynus Vittatus

NOT to be confused with Hydrocynus goliath (Goliath Tigerfish)

Grows to be a very large predatory Characin from the river systems of Africa.  This unusual looking species is silvery sometimes striped in color with large sharp teeth that can be easily seen. African Tiger Fish should only be maintained in a species tank or with other similar sized non-territorial species as it may harm itself or others in the aquarium when startled. After adjustment the African Tiger will usually accept frozen and prepared foods such as bloodworms, krill or ocean plankton as well as floating pellet food. The reproductive habits of this species are unknown. Smaller tigerfish will hunt in schools while larger ones are known to hunt alone. We ship them at approximately 4″+ but usually under 8″ max. This freshwater fish will prefer densely planted aquariums with roots and driftwood for hiding. Very wide or square tank is ideal. Limited item.

Water Temp: 73-82 F

KH 6-25

PH 6.5-7.8

Arizona Aquatic Gardens
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