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Serrasalmidae – Pacu Red Belly



Colossoma brachypomum

Serrasalminae is a family of characiform fish recently elevated to family status. The name means “serrated salmon family” which refers to the serrated keel running along the belly of these fish. Serrasalminae contains fish such as Pirahna, Pacus & Silver Dollars

  • Temperament: Community
  • Max Size: 12 – 24 inches
  • Experience Level: Moderate
  • Optimal Aquarium Setup: Given their potential adult size of the species Piaractus brachypomus, you will need a large tank to keep one at your home.
  • Diet: Omnivores / They will accept a variety of foods in the home aquarium but will need to be given larger pellets as they grow in size.
  • Origin, Appearance and additional notations: This species is NOT to be confused with the carnivore fish Red Belly Piranha: Serrasalmus nattereri. We raise our Pacu with Plecos, Catfish, and cichlids. Keep yours in large colonies for happier fish! Single Pacu are not as happy as when they are living with a group of their own.

Use caution when selecting tank mates for this fish. Even though they are mostly herbivores, they may go after smaller fish in their tank. They can potentially be kept with Arowanas, Plecos, Cichlids, Catfish, Tinfoil Barbs, and other larger fish.

This fish may be one of the most enjoyable larger fish you may ever own as many aquarists end up naming their Pacu. These fish look forward to seeing their owners when they visit the tank. Popular Pacu names: Tiny, Baby, Fred, George, Steve, Gary, Bubbles, Bubba, Vader, Quagmire, Preston & Weeman.


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