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Snail – Algae Eating Nerite Snail – Red Lips Nerite Snails



Best kept at pH- 6.0 – 8.6 / Water Temp is versatile. They will also do well in brackish to freshwater systems.

This species hails from Asia and has red slug or “lips” which make them very pretty to watch. Red Lips Nerite Snails have a multi-toned dark marbled shell that will change over time. Their native habitat is in small streams on algae covered stones and on vegetation stalks. These snails will clean your glass, rocks, and plant leaves that also include algae types: some Black Beard Algae & Green Hair Algae. A medium sized snail getting to about the size of a nickel. They will typically live 2-3 years and are hard to reproduce. We recommend stocking up to 5 snails per 1 gallon of aquarium water. Mostly active at night, and not likely to reproduce unless they are in saltwater although they live in freshwater.

Minimum quantity for “Nerite Snail – Algae Eating Red Lips Nerite Snails” is 3.

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