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Algae Eating Spiny Nerite Snail – Spiny Tricolor Assorted Nerite Snail



Algae Eating Spiny Tricolor Assorted Nerite Snail

aka: Fruit Nerite Snails

The Clithon pulchellus lautus is a strikingly beautiful cleaner snail that offer different colored shells and shells that may change and they shed the old ones.  As a freshwater species these spiny colorful snails are small but mighty. They will live in brackish or fresh water. In the wild they will live in small streams and eat algae covered stones and on vegetation stalks. Though very small (about the size of a pencil eraser) in a tank these snails will clean your glass, rocks, and plant leaves that also include tough algae types: even nibbling on Black Beard Algae & Green Hair String Algae. Their colors may vary, and depending on foods eaten, colors may be more vibrant on some than others. Older Tricolors seem to show more colors than when the snail is younger.  Stock 5 or more per gallon and will live up to 3 years +. Will not reproduce in freshwater and will not eat your plants.

Minimum quantity for “Nerite Snail – Algae Eating Spiny Tricolor Assorted Nerite Snail” is 10.

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