Swordtail – Assorted Swordtail Live-bearer Aquarium Fish

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Xiophophorus helleri

  • Assorted Swordtails
  • Red Velvet Swordtail Male
  • Sunset Swordtails
  • Green Swordtail Male
  • Tuxedo Male
  • Red Swordtail Female
  • Swordtail Male/Female

Our assorted swordtail selections, also known as Xiphophorous Hellerii, are all farm raised in the United States.  We offer a wide variety including red, red wag, painted, neon green, marigold, pineapple, black, sunset, velvet, gold swordtail, red brick, and much more.  These fish are randomly selected by what is caught in our nets, therefore we unfortunately do not offer color preference picking at this time.

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