Hemianthus Callitrichoides Dwarf Baby Tears Freshwater Plant

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The Baby Tear list below will help you determine which plant will suit your needs in your aquascape:

Regular Baby Tears – Micranthemum micranthemoides – Grows taller than all other Baby Tear plants, usually shipped at about 4″ tall or more, darker green, and original Teardrop style leaf.  Typically planted in mid to background. Will grow as tall as you want it, trim tops to keep it full.

Dwarf Baby Tear – Hemianthus callitrichoides – Smallest of all Baby Tear plants, medium green in color, teeny tiny leaves. Ships out less than 1/4″ tall, and will not likely grow any taller, however, it is a moderate spreading plant. Ideal for foreground or filler. This plant has been the great alternative to using Riccia, as Dwarf Baby Tears is easier to grow, and does not require tying to rocks or wood like Riccia does. Lg Mats are appx 10 to 12 inch square, and small mats are appx 3×5.

Giant Baby Tears – Micranthemum umbrosum – Exact same growing habit as Dwarf Baby Tears, except Leaf is more of a rounded and larger size leaves, and Bright Green in color.

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