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Beneficial Bacteria – Aquarium GoldMax Beneficial Bacteria



Aquarium GoldMax is a natural organic way to create balance IN ANY AQUATIC ECO-SYSTEM! This is what the Pros use!

GoldMax is actual living bacteria & enzymes in concentrated powder form which are activated once added to water! These bacteria contribute to the production of the nitrogen cycle, which is very crucial in all aquatic systems and for your long-term success in the hobby. This bacteria material gives its users the option of increasing the activity of an already established filter, reactivating a filter damaged by medications and of course the starting up of new systems. Great for under gravel or outside power filters that will naturally clear green water in ponds and tanks. Helps prevent diseases by improving water quality. This product is for freshwater use only!

Dose Aquariums initially 1 time per week for 8 weeks, then just 1 time per month thereafter, forever!

DOSAGE: 1oz (28.5g) of powdered form beneficial bacteria treats 1000 gallons of water. or go with our larger 1lb powder that treats 16,000 gallons.

This product has shown to be effective on parasitic Golden Algae (Prymnesium Parvum)

Our simple No-Frills or Fancy packaging keeps the cost down!

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Goldmax 1oz (28.5g) Powder, Goldmax 1lb Powder

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