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Beneficial Bacteria – AzGardens Water Clarifier Microbial Bacteria Tablets



AzGardens Water Clarifier Microbial Bacteria Tablets

Chemical Free Way To Clearer Pond Water
Use these Bacteria Tabs each month as part of your regular maintenance program to keep your pond cleaner! 

Bacteria is measured as CFU (Colony Forming Units per gram) These tabs are 600 Million CFU per gram and ideal for long-term natural clarity.

Best Suited & Safe for all Zoological Aquatic Exhibits, Livestock & Exotic Animal Water Troughs. Garden Ponds, Fishing Ponds,  Fountains, Retention Ponds, Koi ponds, Water Gardens, Farm Ponds, Golf course Ponds, Pass-thru Ponds.

Take advantage of our proven way to clear up ponds, waterways and other water features by using our microbial tablets for water clarification. This is a chemical-free natural solution that takes advantage of natural microbes and enzymes to eliminate algaes and excess ammonia and nitrates.  You cannot get anymore environmentally friendly than going with this method.

This slow dissolving tablet is completely safe for use with wildlife including more sensitive species like shrimp. Ideal for small ponds, golf courses, pass-thru ponds, canals and more especially if the water from the pass-thru pond is being used for irrigation of turf. This is the effective and natural way to restore balance to any lake or pond by creating clearer water and removing algae.

This is our original Microbial Bacteria Tab offered since 1995, Contains 600 Million Strains of Bacteria per gram.

Use 1 Tab for every 600 Gal every month.

Monthly treatment:
For smaller applications such as small ponds including aquariums) use 1 Tab for every 600 gallons of water per month.  This is especially useful in newly built applications!

For 1/2 acre ponds of avg. depth (4 to 6 feet deep) use 50-60 tabs per month.

For 1 Acre ponds of avg. depth (6 to 9 feet deep) use 100-120 microbial tabs per month.

Most typical pond owners can use these easy-to-use jumbo “marshmallow” size tablets to naturally resolve problematic water issues in an easy to use tablet.

One tablet will treat 600 Gallons 1 time per month.

ARE YOU NEW to using Natural Bacteria?

If you haven’t used a bacteria treatment yet, you’ll want to initially begin using bacteria for 8 weeks THEN….only dose one time per month thereafter…….This will help seed in your bacteria colony initially, or at times where you might have an algae bloom.  You can never overdose.  You should also dose with the Pond Restore pouches at the same time.

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