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Beneficial Bacteria - ReeFlowers GoldFish Minerals Water Conditioner



ReeFlowers GoldFish Minerals Water Conditioner

2.87 fl oz

ReeFlowers Goldfish Conditioner, contains the elements Goldfish need. In terms of mineral content, aquarium water is usually less than ideal for fish to live in compared to the water of their natural habitats. When living organisms cannot get the minerals necessary for their skeletal development then their reproductive and vital functions weaken, their development is slowed, their colors are dulled, and their health deteriorates. ReeFlowers Goldfish Conditioner helps provide the elements that fish need for healthy development and vivid colors. It helps promote natural habitat conditions

ReeFlowers has been producing additives for aquariums under the name of RFL Chemicals since 2009.

Today RFL products are used from professional set ups to new beginner tanks, public aquariums to fish breeder facilities, turtles to garden ponds and other large scale aquatic systems.

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