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Bichir Dinosaur Eel – Saddled Bichir Polypterus endlicheri



Bichir Dinosaur Eel – Polypterus endlicheri or Saddled Bichir

  • Temperament: Passive Community Fish
  • Max Size: up to 12″ usually about 8″ in home aquaria
  • Swimming Level: Bottom
  • Experience Level: Very hardy and good for beginners
  • Optimal Aquarium Setup: pH: 6.5 – 7.5 / Water Temp: 77 -80F
  • Diet: Live foods like worms and shrimp, Freeze Dried Bloodworms, some frozen foods and New Life Spectrum “Community Formula” and “Finicky Formula” found at Fish Foods

Origin, Appearance and additional notations: This fish is native to the streams and rivers of the African Congo Basin. It is a member of the Polypteridae, or Lobe-Finned Pike family. As with other members of the primitive Polypteridae family, this fish has the ability to survive out of water because it has a lung-like paired swim bladder and gills to help it breath. It can spend short periods of time on land, but must return quickly back to its water for respiration. This fish will do best in a large “oddball” aquarium with other large, passive fish.

It is not usually aggressive toward tank mates as long as there are plenty of places for this fish to hide, like rocks, caves, and crevices. We have personally kept this fish in a pool with some small plecos, puffers, and snails and seem to be a very sweet as it always comes and “visits” us when we are close. Sometimes they seem to disappear for a couple days then come out and is very active toward the front of the glass. Size at shipping: about 3 – 4″+ unless purchasing XLG size. Use drop down to select jumbo Size at shipping: about 5 – 6″+. We grow and ship either Albino (pictured above) or natural (pictured with driftwood) depending on availability and season.

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Polypterus Delhezi

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