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Puffer – Ceylon Puffer Fish


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The Ceylon Puffer or Tetraodon fluviatilis is a brackish water pufferfish from southeast Asia.  It inhabits estuaries or  backwaters and other slow-moving bodies of water.  These puffers prefer shaded areas and feed on invertebrates, and fry and will scavenge as well.  Its diet has also been known to include several different types of plants. The female lays clutches of 150-200 eggs onto a flat surface and guards them until hatched. There have been reports of fry being guarded as well. Both males and females of this species exhibit dioecism.

One of the most commonly sold puffers, it is often confused with t. nigroviridis, and also t. schoutedeni.   In short, T. fluviatilis is torpedo-shaped with a smooth belly, while T. nigroviridis and T. schoutedeni are more club-shaped, with T. schoutedeni having backward pointing spines along its underbelly. Identifying these similar looking fish is important, since one is brackish and theothers are fresh.

This is a large sized speciemen, only a few left

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